LME71 Flame Safeguard

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The LME71 flame safeguard is a basic package for flame supervision. Common names for a flame safeguard are burner controller, flame relay, and burner control unit. The main purpose of the flame safeguard is to energize your safety shutoff valves while monitoring the flame to keep you safe! The LME71 monitors the flame via UV scanner or flame rod. Modbus communication module and remote display options available.


  • Safety interlocks wired independently into unit for specific fault indication
  • Built in display showing fault indication and flame signal strength
  • Configurable safety parameters to fit your application

LME71.111A1PKG, Basic flame safeguard with purge (most common)
LME71.112A1PKG, Basic flame safeguard without purge
LME71.901A1PKG, Basic flame safeguard for PWM fan applications

Technical Literature:

LME71 Multi-burner wiring schematic
Trilogy T400 to LME7 replacement (LME-6000)

North American 110V

CE 220V