TS… series Touchscreen Kits provide an interface with the Siemens LMV3 or LMV5 linkageless control. Preprogrammed, pre-tested kits include first-out annunciation, BMS communications, and enclosure options.

TS-MS… series Master Panels provide Lead/Lag control for up to eight boilers with LMV or RWF controls and an additional DA Panel. Master Panels optimize the control and modulation of boilers to meet demand and maximize efficiency.

TS‐… series Deaerator (DA), Surge, & Condensate Tank panels manage the operation of up to six pumps. The menus provide straightforward commissioning and operation of feedwater or transfer pumps.

TS-CE… series Combustion Enclosures provide a simple, cost effective, and easy to install LMV5 or LMV3 panel. Available options include LMV version, touchscreen, and annunciation.

Total Boiler Solutions

Touchscreen Kits
Serial Communication Kits
Master Panels
LMV Combustion Enclosures
Protocol Converters
DA, Surge & Condensate Panels
RWF5 Enclosures
TS Remote Viewer