LME75 Flame Safeguard

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The LME75 flame safeguard is designed for continuous applications utilizing self-checking UV scanner, infrared scanner, or flame rod for flame monitoring. The LME75 can pair with a Siemens SQM4 / SQM5 actuator or actuator control can be disabled. Modbus communication module and remote display options available.


  • Compatible with self-checking UV scanner, infrared scanner, and flame rod
  • Safety interlocks wired independently into unit for specific fault indication
  • Built in display showing fault indication and flame signal strength
  • Configurable safety parameters to fit your application

LME75.811A1PKG, Self checking UV scanner, with or without actuator control, ignition position equal low-fire (common)
LME75.812A1PKG, self checking UV scanner, modulating actuator control, independent ignition position

North American 110V

CE 220V