Precise flow control is achieved with VKG… threaded, VKF… flanged, VKP proportional or VRG… biogas control valves. VA assemblies or coupling/bracket options provide quick and straightforward installation of Siemens actuators.

VKG…Threaded Butterfly Valves, ½ “– 4”

  • UL & CE Approvals
  • Up to 25 PSI pressure rating
  • Full, medium, and reduced ports

VRG…Biogas Butterfly Valves, ½ “– 4”

  • Control of biogas or digester gas
  • Up to 25 PSI pressure rating

VKF…Flanged Butterfly Valves, 1½”– 8”

  • …C versions for Natural Gas or Air
  • …H versions for High Temperature applications
  • …B versions for Bio Gas applications

VKP…Proportional Control Valves, ½”– 2”

  • Characterized for precise control