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A TS-… Series control system manages lead/lag operation of an individual deaerator (DA), surge, condensate, or a combination DA and surge/condensate tank for up to six pumps.The menus provide straightforward commissioning and operation.

Each TS-… control system includes a preprogrammed 6” or 10” touchscreen, a programmable logic controller (PLC), and digital and analog signal inputs for monitoring and control.

Boiler Daearator Control DA Surge and Condensate Panels
  • Graphics for individual pump status and automatically configured overview screen
  • RWF55.50A9’s for DA level control, Backup DA level control, DA pressure control, or Surge tank level control

Control an individual deaerator, a surge tank, or a combination DA-surge split tank, with the ability to manage a separate DA and a surge or condensate tank with one TS- Series control panel


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